Airlines, Airports And Ground Service Companies

Jennifer Leach-Trask has over 25 years of  airline management and professional image coaching experience. Jennifer is extremely well versed  with all the issues and challenges inherent to  airline, airport or ground services who operate in a highly operational but customer focused environment.  Jennifer has worked closely with all levels of airline  personnel from executives to frontline teams. Jennifer is especially attuned to the demands that front-line customer service employees are under to deliver exceptional service in a highly competitive industry.

Jennifer Grant International's  aviation consulting engagements are customized to identify 'real' problems to the myriad of challenges in the airline and ground handling industries. Jennifer's methodology and process includes:  

  • A customized and comprehensive audit to examine executive presence, leadership practices,  corporate philosophies and objectives, middle management practices, frontline employee performance and productivity, team morale and internal communications
  • One on one consultations with executives, managers, team leaders, front line employees and other key personnel to determine disconnects and gaps
  • GAP analysis to compare current performance against desired performance
  • Corrective Action Plan to address and resolve specific issues  that are impeding, restricting, limiting or otherwise negatively impacting the airline/ground handling company or airport in achieving its corporate goals and objectives.  
  • Coaching Plan to support change initiatives.
  • Ongoing Accountability Plan to ensure that improvements are realistic, achievable, long lasting and sustainable

Jennifer Grant is also a recovered fearful flyer who has extensive experience in helping high profile individuals, executives and  individuals to overcome their fears and fly with more confidence, ease and comfort.     

Consults, Workshops, Seminars and Keynotes

Executive Presence 

Do you ever wonder what your “people” think about your leadership, your integrity and your reputation?  Do you ever ask your people what suggestions they may have about your corporate objectives?  Discover if you and your senior team are an example of the corporate and professional image you want your employees to model themselves after.  

Communication Pitfalls 

Airlines have unique challenges when it comes to communicating their message across vast networks and even within single station operations. National and International airlines have multi level departments and employees working shifts of all lengths and variations. The message that starts at the top is often not the same by the time it gets to the front line employees. Learn some simple but effective methods and techniques to improve your company's internal communications in an impactful and positive way.

Labour Costs and Motivation

Airlines must keep their labour costs lean and under control in order to remain competitive, which in many cases means high turnover within the employee ranks. Not all employees are motivated solely by pay. Learn what other incentives speak to your labour force and get  your people feeling motivated, engaged, valued, respected, and performing at a much higher level.

Relationship Building 

Airline employees are a unique and distinct work force who thrive on high-pressure situations. Healthy and positive internal relationships and support systems are critical in an airline environment.   Conflict, when it happens, needs to be addressed. A positive and healthy work environment cannot be regulated, it needs to be established, maintained and nurtured. Learn to read the signs and  symptoms of when your team is struggling or disillusioned and help them to get back on track.  

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