6 Ways Your Business Etiquette Can Increase Your Success

In the business world, business etiquette is the code of conduct by which you should act professionally and exercise proper manners when engaging others. Even the tiniest misstep can hurt your career more than you realize. By being conscious of business etiquette you can help set yourself apart professionally.

Here are 6 reasons why it is important to be aware of and practice business etiquette rules.

1. Enhances Impression
Others form their first impression of you and your business by how you carry yourself in social and professional situations.  By observing proper business etiquette, you  portray yourself as someone who is confident and at ease, both in the boardroom and when meeting with people one-on-one in any professional setting.

2. Enriches Workplace Relations
With its focus on respect for others, business etiquette can pave the way for a more collaborative and civilized corporate culture. Many basic business etiquette rules are actually common courtesies e.g. not checking your email or phone during meetings, not barging into other people’s offices unannounced, and not using a speakerphone unless you have a private office.

3. Promotes Business Growth
Being intentional in using  business etiquette  can open up several professional doors. Potential clients and associates will often judge you as much on your soft skills as they will your business savvy. Someone skilled in communication and comfortable in a wide range of professional situations will inspire trust more easily than someone who isn’t. 

4. Endorses your Personal Brand
The products and services you offer are extremely important, but you and your staff’s business etiquette and behaviour are just as essential. People gravitate toward those who project self-confidence and success and knowing the appropriate business etiquette guidelines will allow you to display more of these qualities and exude a powerful personal brand. 

5. Fosters good customer service
Respect for others,  common courtesies and politeness as well as attentive listening and attention will always raise the quality of your customer service. Greeting customers with a smile, saying “hello” and exchanging some basic pleasantries goes a long way these days. If you are responsible for a service failure, own up to it and extend a sincere apology with and offer a solution to make things better.  

6. Helps create a positive image of your organization
When customers have a positive and polite experience with your organization, they’ll remember it. They are also likely to mention it to others when the name of your organization comes up and even refer others to you.

A lack of business etiquette will limit your potential, harm your personal brand, and jeopardize relationships that are fundamental to your business success. Making your customers and employees comfortable by using proper business etiquette is the cornerstone of a great business success model!

Business etiquette is a complex, ever-changing beast that is constantly evolving with the digital age. Even though the pace of change in the commercial environment is rapid, displaying basic courtesies is always the best way to go if you're unsure of the right way to act in a business situation.

If you or your team need to brush up on the essentials of  business etiquette, contact Jennifer Grant International, we are here to help.

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