7 Ways to Win More Business by Building a Professional Image

I believe that a professional image and a strong personal brand are essential elements to a person’s success. My belief is so strong that I have built my entire business around helping CEO's, business leaders, entrepreneurs and front-line teams to improve and leverage their image and personal brand to achieve greater success and profitability.

Professional image is the set of qualities and characteristics that represent perceptions of your competence and character that is judged by others. Personal brand is essentially the ongoing process of establishing your image in the mind of others whether that takes place in person or through social media. Professional Image and personal brand are very much interrelated and as such they are powerful tools for success when done properly. Remember, you are the message!

Here are 7 Ways to improve your image and build your personal brand.

Look the Part
What your clients, vendors and community first notice about you and your business is visual, be that in person or online. You are immediately judged on your appearance, your behaviour and your communication. Attention to details also extends beyond your personal appearance. If prospects and/or customers meet you at your place of business, you need to make sure that your office décor, corporate branding, work environment and employees all convey the same professional message. Appearance equals message and you want to make sure your message is positive, polished and professional.  

Be Searchable
Having an online presence is critical to creating a professional image for you and your company. Creating a website and utilizing social media platforms to post about your industry, your services and best practices keeps you top of mind for your current clients and lets potential clients know that you exist and can serve their needs. Managing your online image is extremely important as it is often the first-place people will look for you. Don’t get left behind.

Be in the Right Room
Make an effort to network strategically by engaging in your industry’s professional associations and by putting yourself in the same spaces as your clients. With ever increasing competition you need to keep putting your brand and business in front of potential clients in a meaningful way. People want to do business with those they trust, and often, being present and understanding the actual pain points of your clients will help you to gain a solid reputation as a trusted professional.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service
Regardless of your profession, exceptional customer service is of the utmost importance when it comes to your image and your brand. When you offer ways for clients to easily share their questions, concerns and testimonials you make them feel valued which only helps to strengthen your professional relationships.

Operate With Integrity
Being a true professional in your business requires ethics, transparency and integrity. If clients and vendors know they can trust you to be fair in your pricing, financial management, treatment of employees, and oversight of each project that you’re working on for them, they are more likely to become long-term clients.

Engage in Continuous Learning
Allocating time to learn more about your craft and industry is the true mark of a professional. Certifications create a competitive advantage that provides the opportunity for specialized work and development of expertise. Great leaders are life long learners.  

Create Your Personal Brand
Telling 'your' story is the key to creating a professional image, and it takes time and effort. Start by conducting an honest analysis of your personal values and your business’s current reputation. Your target audience wants to know that you can do what you say you’re going to do. You build credibility not through your words but through your actions. If you live your personal brand and keep your brand promise to your target market, you are automatically on the path to credibility and success.

If you need help to polish your image and perfect your personal brand, jennifergrantinternational.com is here to help.  

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