Is Postive Mindset Just a Buzz Word?

I have been coaching ambitious professionals for many years now and over time, I have developed my own formula of how I believe someone can achieve real and measurable success.  

Step 1 is Achieving a Positive Mindset:  Creating a positive mindset helps you shift from self limiting thoughts to new thoughts that will give you a sense of true purpose and optimism. Having a positive mindset means that you will be willing to make an effort to take a chance instead of assuming your efforts won't pay off.  

When you have a positive mindset;

  • You will better acknowledge that things don't always turn out as you expect but that you are learning along the way. 
  • The best part of a positive mindset is that it will truly open up new doors and opportunities for you. 
  • Having a positive mindset means that you will be more optimistic, accepting, resilient  and mindful.
  • The connection between kindness and a positive mindset is one of the easiest and most gratifying ways to change your mindset.

With the hectic and competitive world we live in, sometimes our positive mindset gets trampled on and we find ourselves struggling to stay positive. When you recognize that you are starting to feel discouraged and less optimistic, give yourself a break and find some time to take stock of your situation.  Talk to other people you trust and who support you.  Sometimes you just need a different perspective.

A positive mindset is sometimes difficult to achieve when you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck in your business or career. Negative thoughts might start to creep in and take hold making you feel hopeless and pessimistic about your future prospects. This is not an uncommon feeling, and it will pass but you have to make an effort to work through it.  The first step to take is to try your best to live in the moment to separate your negative thoughts from your positive ones.

Having awareness of the fact that most of your thoughts are held captive in the past or anxiously awaiting the future-living in the present is your first step to freedom. Start by setting small goals to start your mindset shift, try it for one day.  Make an intention to let go of the people who do not support you or your goals. Surround yourself with positive thinking people.  Use the power of your smile to reverse the tone of a negative situation. At the end of your day, check-in with yourself to see if you feel a little more positive and if your outlook is a little brighter. 


A positive mindstep is just the starting point on the road to success. If you would like to learn the other steps to get there I can definitely help you on your way.  Contact me anytime at

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