Appearance and Credibility

The link between appearance and credibility has been well researched and documented.  Other’s will form impressions of you by whether you are dressed in a manner that inspires trust and conveys competence or it does not.  Do you find yourself in a quandary about what to wear for work? Do you wonder if people take you seriously? 

What to Wear for Business: Suits/Dresses/Skirts/Sports Jackets/Blazers for both men and women, accompanied by simple understated accessories, continue to convey messages of competence, authority, and trust, regardless of age and culture.  When your initial credibility is high, you are, in effect, establishing an account on which you may draw.  When you add other factors, such as expertise, rank, and the ability to deal successfully with others, especially people from other cultures, you are set up for success.   Without this positive credibility, you may not get an opportunity to show how competent, knowledgeable and talented you really are.

Giving Speeches or Presentations: Other evidence linking dress with credibility can be seen in the impression conveyed by a speaker who makes a presentation wearing a suit with buttons missing, a stained tie and scuffed shoes.  Regardless of how knowledgeable the speaker may be about the subject he is speaking on; the audience would discount what he was saying because he did not ‘appear’ credible.

Grooming 101: Attention to grooming gives the impression of respect for self and others.  People concerned with their credibility should make sure their hair is clean and styled with care.  Odors from perspiration or offensive breath should be well controlled.  Fragrances should be worn in moderation by both women and men.  Hands and nails should be clean and well maintained.  Nails that are too long or for women or the polish is chipped will certainly damage credibility.  Shoes are important and they are one of the first things that is noticed about a person’s appearance.  And last but not least, everyone can enhance their appearance by being in good health and physical condition.  Becoming physically fit will increase your endurance, improve your posture and make your personality come across as very confident.

Don’t Take Any Chances:  Don’t take the chance of not being sure if your appearance and credibility are at the level they should be in order to be ultra successful.  I encourage you to contact me for a 15 Minute Free Coaching Call, I can help you.


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