Are You Projecting the Right Image?

Imagine a 20-something who has spent so much time indoors and on his devices that his skin is pale, his lack of attention to hygiene obvious, no haircut or shave in weeks, and he tends to wear the same clothes most days. He may think that his look reflects true dedication to his craft and projects. And indeed, he portrays the uniform of his peers. But would others outside his realm see him the same way? Imagine this person coming up with a great IT solution that could be the next BLOCKBUSTER platform… If only he could get enough investors on board.

And What About That?

These potential investors could be venture capitalists, bankers, mom and dad, an uncle or aunt, or even just some friends who believe in his brilliant idea. Under closer scrutiny however, seeing how poorly he attends to other details of his life — including his appearance, his health, his finances, his social skills, or even his punctuality — those expecting some return on their investment are left to wonder: Is this person really dependable?  Is he reliable? Is he disciplined?  Can we trust him with our investment?

You Should Ask Yourself…

Would you invest a lot of money in a person who seems to have his life in disarray?  His attention to detail, and therefore his idea’s long term viability, is brought into question. Like it or not, the image that you present does matter!  Ask yourself as objectively as possible, what image are you projecting most of the time?  Especially when meeting potentially important people who can make a difference in your future fortunes. Other people form their impressions of us within the first 7 seconds that we meet them!

But What Can I Do?

I hope that this gentle reminder will encourage you to project the best image possible in any circumstance, but especially in the business world. In contrast, I have featured a photo of my friend and colleague, Drew Vincent. Drew is the team leader for the Okanagan Young Professionals in Kelowna. Drew always projects the ‘right’ image and is a true professional to work with. 

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