Impression Management is Important to Your Success

These days, our relationships are often initiated and maintained in online environments long before we meet someone in person. Impression management is both a conscious and subconscious process in which people attempt to influence the perceptions of others by portraying themselves in a manner that creates a good impression. It is about the way we look, the way we speak and the way we behave in public or online.  

The impression you create can have a major impact on your personal and professional success. Not only is impression management a key component of personal branding  but it also has a direct impact on your company and the brand you represent. Based on the impressions you leave with people, you could get promoted, sign a new client, and close a big sale.  

Here are 6 Tips on how to manage the impression you make on others

1. Be Self Aware. Self-awareness is very important in successful impression management and in being an authentic person. You should inherently know - Who you are, what you value and what you stand for.  You should refrain from becoming someone who simply tries to fit in and go along with the crowd.

2. Be Thoughtful and Prudent. When engaging others, work at being an effective listener and try and be open to others’ points of view. Self-disclosure is an important part of forming a good relationship with others, but you also need to be careful to not disclose too much information too fast, and always consider how the other person will react to what you tell them.

3. Master Your Emotions. Nothing creates a negative impression faster than an inappropriate emotional outburst. Emotions are important in connecting with others, but it is important to regulate and moderate your emotions and your emotional displays. A good leader must be able to exercise emotional restraint at all times.

4. Observe Rules of Etiquette. There are a wide range of social rules, or “norms” that tell us how we should behave in various social situations. To maintain a positive impression, it is critical to follow these social norms and demonstrate that you have manners and know how to behave in different situations. 

5. Have Courage and Conviction. There are times when you need to be socially bold and courageous. It is important to stand up for principles that you believe in, particularly in positions of leadership. Others will respect you for being true to your convictions.

6. Be Positive. There is a wealth of research that supports the importance of a positive attitude when making a good impression. Leaders who are optimistic and display positive attributes are rated as more far effective by their followers.

Effective and authentic impression management is not easy. Like all social skills, it is something that needs to be developed and practiced continually. Managing your image not only aids in leaving a lasting impression on others, but it also helps in attaining your goals and being successful. If you need assistance in building your personal brand and managing the impression you create on others, we are here to help you at Jennifer Grant International. Call us today for a courtesy consult.

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