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Every day we are inundated with photo shopped images of perfect ‘looking’ men and women. Millions of these perfect looking people are in the entertainment and news business, but millions more are just regular people with idealized selfies and other posed photos on our social networks. More than ever before, we are constantly put on public display for all to see. And the more we compare ourselves to the perfect body image we perceive in others, the worse or more inadequate we feel.

With such strong societal scrutiny, it is easy to see how the focus on how we look can take us to the dark side of creating a negative body image. My blog today is to share with you 5 ways to improve your body image and self-confidence. Some of these tips take practice, some take persistence, and some only need self – love.

I Love My Body, Yes I Do

We are who we are — we cannot dramatically alter our bodies without cosmetic surgery. And if you want to do that and can afford the surgery, that is your prerogative. We can, however, do many natural things to enhance and improve our physical appearance by being fit and healthy and taking care in our appearance.

When we are unhappy or self conscious with the way we look, we tend to camouflage our bodies. Larger people have a habit of adjusting their clothing around their mid-section, pulling blouses or shirts out by a few extra inches and then letting it settle to their body. Conversely, extremely thin people will sometimes wear layers so as not to draw attention to any bones that may be protruding especially around the collarbone and shoulder areas.

Rather than hiding the qualities we dislike in ourselves, we need to learn to embrace and improve the qualities that make us shine. You never know who might envy you for certain characteristics that you take for granted.

I Must Take Care of My Body

The first step in learning to love your body is taking care of it. No one is going to diet, exercise, or take care of your health for you. It does not matter how busy or tired you think you are, we all need at least 20 minutes of physical movement every day. Finding a physical activity you enjoy makes it easier to find time for exercise. Go for a walk, take up dancing, enjoy a swim, do some yoga, go cycling or participate in a class at the gym. Anything that gets you up and gets your body moving.

Try to be more deliberate in your daily food choices–such as avoiding processed or fast food, and preferring more fresh foods when ever possible–and all three meals of the day.  Small changes over time can make a big difference. Look up recipes online that address any health concerns you have, like high cholesterol or diabetes. You may be surprised how quickly you’ll feel better emotionally and physically by adding just a little exercise and some fresh eating to your day.

Shoulders Back, Chest Out

Nothing will make you look more self-confident than good posture. People who are self-conscious tend to have poor posture as they try to draw attention away from themselves. They often have a weak stance that does not engage their core, with their heads lowered, shoulders sagging or rolling inwards, and unsure footing that shifts from foot to foot. It’s not uncommon for many of us to fall into this poor practice of bad posture as we tend to spend more time hunched over our devices.

Don’t be afraid to straighten up and come out of your shell, even if you have to fake it ‘til you make it. Good posture when practiced can add inches to your height. Confident posture not only makes a strong first impression, it makes you feel great too.

Look Into My Eyes

Facial cues say a lot about a person’s confidence, and certainly, our eyes say it all. Those who lack confidence find it very difficult to make direct eye contact. They may engage for a second or two, but then tend to avert their eyes downward or around versus looking directly at the person they are speaking to.

Make an effort to look directly into the eyes of others when you are engaging with them. Direct eye contact conveys sincerity and confidence in whatever words you choose in response.

My Best Feature is ….. 

We all have something we like or love about our bodies and our personal attributes. Maybe it is your smile, your hair, your height, your voice, or your broad shoulders. Whatever it is, focus on that for a little while and decide how you will show it off.

Did you see the movie The Theory of Everything? Even when Stephen Hawking was confined to a wheelchair and lost the ability to speak, he was still cocky, flirtatious and self-confident. His best features were his genius-level intelligence and his sense of humour. We all have beautiful qualities that make us shine, even if it takes us years to uncover or acknowledge them.

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