Life after an Airline Career (I)

I am writing a series of weekly articles that I hope will provide some stimulating discussion with all of my social media contacts. My articles will focus on my personal insights and experience on how an airline executive, senior manager, middle manager or front line employee can make the successful transition from the airline industry world to another life and career.

By August 2017, I will be 2 years into my new life as an entrepreneur and successful business owner. My new life follows a 27 year career in the airline industry and 3 other mini careers prior to that. It might 'sound' like I am 106, but I still feel very young in my mind, in my body and especially in my energy levels. Anyone that has ever met me knows that I am an energy force to be reckoned with. These days I can't wait to get up in the morning to follow my passion of helping to 'transform' people into their very best personal and professional selves. I might have always been this person but I think I have discovered that I am a specialist in an area of people's lives that is very much in demand. Who knew !

I am already eclipsing my former airline salary several times over ! Making money is important and exciting but it is not what fuels me. What really fuels me is a desire to share the powers and benefits of personal and professional transformations with people across the globe.

If you are interested in learning what my ‘secrets’ are, I would appreciate your Likes , Comments and Questions.  Until my next installation on 'Life After the Airlines' I wish you a great start to your New Year.

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