Our Image and Self Esteem

Millions of people look in the mirror each day and see a reflection of someone they don’t like very much. They overlook any positive attributes they have and only see their faults, flaws and failures. They feel shame, embarrassment and maybe even anger toward themselves. But why?

What Does It Take to Change Your Image?

The image we project to others is critical in achieving our personal and professional goals and successes. But many, if not most of us, go through our entire personal and professional lives with image problems that could be improved by simply changing our approach to something.

No Response is the New 'No'

Making a conscious choice to 'not' answer someone's email is essentially saying "No". If that's not your intention, then reply to the email!

Life After an Airline Career (V)

Welcome Back! I have made the arbitrary decision that Article V shall be the final episode in my weekly series on life after the airlines.

Life After an Airline Career (IV)

Thanks to everyone who has read my previous 3 articles on what my life has been like since I concluded my 27 year Jazz airline career in August 2015 and started my own business JLT Image Consulting just a few weeks later.

Reviving our Imagination

I remember as a child how much I used to like to dress up and I especially loved Halloween. I remember thinking weeks ahead about what my costume should be and I am sure I changed my mind a hundred times over before Halloween Day.

Life After an Airline Career (III)

Hello Again ! I am sure you all thought the close of my last article was a total cliff hangar ! Well maybe not, but I can pretend it was.

Life After an Airline Career (II)

Today I am pleased to post my 2nd weekly article about Life After an Airline Career. In my last article I touched on the transition I have been making from a 27 year airline career to becoming an entrepreneur and owner of JLT Image Consulting.

Looking in the Rear-View Mirror

Happy New Year 2017! I would like to begin my New Year’s message by expressing my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your enduring support during my start up year for JLT Image Consulting.

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