The Importance of Leadership Training For Success

A staggering 60% of first time managers fail within their first year of being in a management role. Implementing proper leadership training creates more confident and successful company managers and executives.

Why You Should Launch Your Personal Brand

Having a personal brand is a major advantage in our competitive world. Here's 8 favourite quotes on the characteristics and virtues of Personal Branding.

The Secret of Eye Contact in Business

If there is one simple thing you can do to enhance your impact as a leader, a speaker and a presenter, it is to persuade others to see things as you see them. Being able to do this effectively will influence your audience to say yes to your idea, buy your product or become your client.

The Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster Ride to Success

The entrepreneurial roller coaster can be a difficult ride. One minute you are flying high and the next minute you are at the bottom of the dip. Some days you feel completely detached from the tracks all together. Use these strategies to make your entrepreneurial ride a little smoother.

Learn How To Trust Your Intuition

Some say intuition is the highest form of intelligence we possess. It's a powerful force we can use to make difficult business judgments and decisions. Great leaders rely very heavily on their intuition and you should too. Learn to trust your gut!

The Entrepreneurial Tightrope

Being an entrepreneur and building a business is exciting but it is also extremely hard work. As a new entrepreneur, I have learned so much and I am still learning every day, 3 years later.

How To Make Your Executive Presence Stand Out

While there is no single, agreed-upon definition for the term executive presence, the general consensus is that it refers to how you convey confidence and authority through the elements of your physical demeanor, such as voice, the way you dress and your mannerisms.  If you are interested in improving your executive presence, we hope you will find these 7 strategies helpful.

The Power of Personal Branding

Having a strong personal brand as a business owner is vital. Here are my top seven powerful reasons why you should work on your personal brand.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and be the BEST!

If you do absolutely nothing to find the best version of yourself you are not making progress.  You need to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to the next level.  Don't settle for being average when you can be so much more.

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