How to Project a Successful Business Image

To be truly successful, your professional image needs to attract potential clients and customers. Here are 7 reminders on how to best 'project' a successful business image.

Time For a LinkedIn Profile Tuneup?

If you have a LinkedIn Profile, I highly recommend you make sure it is current, typo free, professional looking and working to your advantage.

Have You Ever Made a Bad First Impression?

Despite our best efforts to make a great first impression we can sometimes miss the mark. It's unfortunate, it but it happens. As difficult as it is to change a failed first impression, it is possible. Here are some tips for turning things around.

The Art of Networking

My top Do's and Don’ts to improve your networking skills and generate massive sales opportunities.

Body Language Is Serious Business

Your body language could be holding you back from growing your career and being more successful. Do you know which body language mistakes you are making?  

Ethical Leadership Looks Like This

Ethical leaders always know how to do the right thing. It may be difficult to define exactly what "right" is, but a leader who is ethical is not afraid to do what they truly believe to be right – even if it is unpopular, unprofitable, or inconvenient.

Practice these 10 ethical leadership characteristics to help you get back on track.

7 Steps to Make a Killer First Impression

As an Image Coach I strive to project the best version of myself and you should too! Here's my very achievable 7-point reminder list on how you can make a killer first impression.

Are you Leading for Today or for Tomorrow?

In today’s world, the two areas that impact leadership styles the most are generational shifts and technology changes. These two elements are very much connected and if you chose to ignore them as a leader, you do so at your own peril.

Time for an Image Intervention?

When business people first meet me and learn that I am a corporate image coach, they often volunteer that they have a colleague or a friend who could really use my help. I always find it interesting they don't offer up that they might also personally benefit from a professional image intervention. Wherever our conversation leads to after that, I make a point to end our conversation by saying I can help to improve their colleague or friends' professional image and that I can help them to improve their own image as well.

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