Reviving our Imagination

I remember as a child how much I used to like to dress up and I especially loved Halloween. I remember thinking weeks ahead about what my costume should be and I am sure I changed my mind a hundred times over before Halloween Day.

As I grew older however, my imagination started to fade and I think I even suppressed it from coming to the surface. Between the ages of 20 and 50, I was busy with my career, raising a family, paying bills and literally running from one thing to the next. The idea of using my imagination just seemed like too much hard work.

Now that I am a 'little' older than 50, I have revived my imagination and it is stronger than it ever was. I use my imagination every day to come up with new ideas for my business JLT Image Consulting and it seems like my imagination is endless. It is a great source for marketing and advertising and when really I tap into it, it seems to influence, intrigue and inspire others.

I have also used my imagination to create different personas that allow me to express my creativity and passion for other areas in my life. One of my greatest passions is open water swimming! For the past 2 summers I have created a mermaid persona. I dress up as a beautiful mermaid for different events themed around open water swimming, the largest one being the annual Across the Lake Swim in Kelowna.

This past Sunday, I suddenly got the idea that I needed to be a winter princess and so I transformed myself into one. It was a wonderful experience. I am sure there are some people who think I am 'out there' but I am not worried about that anymore. After many years of worrying what others might think, I no longer do. I have concluded that using my imagination is far more fulfilling than being afraid of what others might say or think.

Using our imagination is an incredibly 'freeing' feeling and I plan to keep using mine for a very long time. I encourage you to use your imagination too, you might be surprised and delighted in what you discover about yourself.

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