Self Care Sunday-Set Yourself Up For A Successful Week

We’ve recently addressed the importance of self-care to boost your career but self-care extends to anyone, career or not.  A balanced mind, body and spirit will make you more productive, help you focus and can impact your ability to be innovative. Self-care shouldn’t solely be a part of your emergency kit when you’re feeling burnt out but an established portion of your weekly or even daily routine.

Before you buy into the myth that it’s only self-care when you’re relaxing in a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine after a hard day of work, let’s clear things up. Self-care ...

  • doesn’t equate to a full day of wellness. It’s tending to your body and mind to nourish yourself in whichever way you need it. Even a small act of self-care can help your overall well-being.
  • is not dependent on your performance or achievements. You always deserve to take care of yourself.
  •  is not selfish. The better you feel in your own skin, the more present you’ll be around others, ultimately affecting everyone around you in a positive way.

There are five types of self-care: emotional, social, physical, mental and spiritual self-care. Ask yourself what you need to feel more like yourself again and find out which type you’ll benefit from today. Do you feel disconnected and lonely? Call up a friend, hug your significant other or talk to a relative to nurture your social relationships. Do you feel tired, unfit or sluggish? Take a nap, go for a walk or cook a healthy meal to improve your physical well-being.

If your thoughts are racing and your mind feels restless, tend to your mental health by reading a good book, watching a movie or show or playing a game with loved ones. To improve your emotional health, try shifting your mindset by talking to a therapist or writing in your journal. The words we use when journaling or talking to ourselves have immense power over our personal and professional lives.

Rather than looking at all the things you didn’t cross off your to-do list, be proud of yourself for making it through yet another tough week. Try using positive affirmations to practice self-compassion. You can download a few examples below and pin the cards to your kitchen fridge, bathroom mirror or office bulletin board as daily reminders to be kind to yourself and keep going.

It may seem much easier to continue going through the motions and waiting for the next vacation to get some rest but if you regularly practice self-care and self-compassion, you’ll realize that life is much more enjoyable when you’re kind to yourself.

To inspire even more ways to take care of yourself, check out the visual below with three self-care recipes to round up your weekend and help you feel refreshed when Monday knocks on your door.

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