The Joys of Personal Transformation

Before embarking on a journey of self-reinvention and transformation  you need to make sure that you have everything that you need to make a smooth trip. 

At Jennifer Grant International I help  many clients to achieve a whole-scale transformation in their appearance and their persona and I always find the work incredibly rewarding.  

When you are contemplating a transformation of any kind, you should be intentional and committed to your plan.


Problems and obstacles are guaranteed to happen. Some of them will be difficult and may knock you off course; the important thing, however, is that you learn from your challenges, never lose focus and always get back up.


As humans, we are social beings. While it is important that you learn to rely on yourself when facing any challenge, it is also important to have a support team that you can lean on to help you when things get tough and correct you when you’re making mistakes. The key is to find the right balance between independence and dependence.

A New Self-Image

Developing a new image of yourself can be incredibly enlightening and fulfilling. Remember that you are actually moving away from your old comfort zones, habits, roles and self-perceptions. It can be difficult to break old habits but a new self-image will always remind you of where you are now and why you’re trying to change.

Steps to Reinvent Yourself

Once you’re sure that you’re equipped with all the tools you need in the self-reinvention checklist, you can begin your journey of self-reinvention.

Find out What Your Strengths Are

This step provides valuable information on how you specifically deal with certain situations. If you have this information, you will be able to manage difficulties more efficiently. To find out what your strengths are, you can ask your friends and colleagues for feedback. I also think we inherently know what our strengths are.


This step calls for a thorough assessment of your current emotional, psychological and financial status so that you can develop plans that are realistic and practical. It’s okay to have ambitious dreams but your plans have to be realistic and achieveable.

You can also consult a mentor, or an image consultant for practical tips and advice.

Try Things Out

Sometimes, we don’t know if solutions actually work until we try them out. This is why it is important to experiment whenever possible and to not be afraid to try something new.

Find Your Courage and Conviction

Fears and self-doubts may arise when we encounter difficulties and setbacks. Sometimes they may also come when we’re taking risks. You have to manage these negative emotions well and not allow them to discourage you. Learn how to deal with your self-doubts to move forward. A positive mindset will take you to great heights.

Use Your Support Group

As stated above, you need to build a strong support group before you even start the process of reinventing yourself. Your group will keep you from taking wrong turns and encourage you when you get too bogged down by problems.

Remind Yourself Every Day of Your Commitment

Write your goals and keep them in places at home and at work where you can easily see them. This way, you will constantly be reminded of where you want to be.

Accept Failure, Learn and Resume Your Journey

Failing is normal especially when we’re trying out something new. When you fail, simply recognize it, learn from it and move on. 

Final Thoughts

If you truly want to reinvent yourself and live the life you desire and deserve, take the advice above and start taking action. It will take time, patience, and plenty of effort to make the change you want to happen; but it will be all worth it. You’ve got this!

A quote from one of my VIP Transformation clients:  

"As the first official subscriber to Jennifer Grant's  VIP Transformation membership package, I am very pleased to report that the value I got out of her services and expertise exceeded my every expectation and opened perspectives I have never had before."

"You might consider that a lot has changed in the world since you stopped changing with it.  And if you have wondered who would carefully, deliberately and personally supervise your transition to something greater than you are today, there is no one better than Jennifer Grant International to do it for you.  Just ask yourself if you have the courage to change things in your life.  I promise you if you do, you will be noticed and appreciated and you will be happier, both professionally and personally, in so many new and wonderful ways."

If you are contemplating embarking on a personal transformation I would love to help guide you to success.  You can contact me anytime for a courtesy consultation.

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