The World of Etiquette

After a long time career in the airline industry I decided to launch my own business Jennifer Grant International  in 2015. I started out as an image consultant and gradually evolved into a personal branding and business etiquette coach. At the time, I thought that I had lived a reasonably interesting and successful life and that I had a reasonably good grasp of what was happening in the world around me. I was on a big learning curve with my new business and my new life’s passion and purpose seemed far greater than it had ever been. I realized that time is finite and that I had so much left to learn and discover. I didn’t want to waste a single minute.

As I delved deeper into the study of etiquette, I became acutely aware that how we interact with each other still really matters, human relationship are  both rooted in tradition yet flexible enough to keep up with our rapidly changing and culturally diverse world. I am not sure when it happened but I made a pact with myself to learn everything possible about  etiquette as I could. 

My studies started with reading all of the books that the famous author Emily Post wrote on Etiquette starting in 1929.  Emily Post said that “Etiquette is the fuel that powers relationships and it is the foundation upon which social structure is built. Every human contact is made smooth by etiquette, or awkward by lack of it. Grounded as it is in timeless principles, etiquette enables us to face whatever the future may bring with strength of character and integrity.”

Since reading all the works of Emily Post and countless other books, I started doing my own research and became even more convinced that we can all benefit from practicing better etiquette. These days, I find that there has been a considerable  departure and shift from respecting those whose beliefs and traditions differ from our own. We have in many ways lost the basic civility and courtesy which is the outward expression of human decency that holds our society together. 

The more enlightened I became in my etiquette studies the more I started to widen my lens to look at etiquette on a global basis. I started reading about different countries, customs and cultures and I soon discovered how universal etiquette really is and that it touches every facet of our lives. I was fascinated by the sheer volume of information relating to how etiquette and manners are practiced throughout the world. I became far more aware of how etiquette impacts business and personal relationships on an international level. Over time, I changed the focus of my business to niche business and global etiquette and I have helped countless clients and organizations to improve and enhance their business etiquette skills.

I am making it my life's (remaining) work to bring awareness and to educate as many people as I can touch on the importance of global etiquette. I hope you will make an intention to join me in improving our etiquette in order to demonstrate a behaviour based on consideration, thoughtfulness and respect.

I hope you will join me in making the world a more  inclusive and harmonious place by practicing our etiquette every day.

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