What's an Image Consultant?

I am excited to share with you why I became an image consultant and exactly what the position of an image consultant entails. I’ve always enjoyed helping people become better versions of themselves, and have applied that same principle to my own image over many years. Everyone has beauty, talent, and great potential even if they can’t immediately recognize those traits in themselves. Over 30 years of combined people leadership and management experience have enabled me to become a subject matter expert on ‘image’. Being an image consultant is my calling. I want to help you make the best impression possible.

There are many different types of image consultants. Here are a few common categories:

• Fashion and Wardrobe Consultants
• Business and Executive Consultants
• Leadership Consultants

Fashion and Wardrobe Consultants

As the title implies, these image consultants focus on wardrobe and fashion. They give advice on what clothing styles, colours, designs, accessories, and materials work best to flatter an individual’s physique, male or female. These consultants work with individuals, business professionals, or anyone looking to improve their appearance. Image consultants with this specific focus have extensive training in doing makeovers, colour draping, wardrobe organizing, and personal shopping. Image consultants make recommendations on grooming, health and fitness programs, salons, and a wide variety of other services to help their clients to look and feel more confident.

Executive Consultants

A smaller group of image consultants focus more on working with clients in the corporate and business sectors. They help executives and business professionals look, act and present themselves in a way that makes the most positive impression. They will help clients to prepare for presentations, speeches, business, and social events.

Leadership Training Consultants

Some image consultants specialize in leadership training for businesses, corporations and academic institutions.  These image consultants tend to do more lectures, workshops, and seminars.  Their main focus is to groom people to become leaders in their business and community.

Image is more than physical appearance

In addition to how someone looks, we also form impressions based on how someone talks and behaves. Some image consultants may advise clients on:
• Vocal communication (voice, grammar, vocabulary, etc.)
• Non-verbal communication (handshakes, posture, eye contact, etc.)
• Tips on business and social etiquette — from dining to cell phones

Who hires an image consultant?

An image consultant can literally help anyone, including but not limited to:
• Women and men who want a new look
• Job seekers
• University and college students
• Corporate executives
• Business owners
• Front line employees
• Lawyers
• Real estate agents
• Skilled trades people
• Politicians
• Media personalities
• LGBT individuals
• Singles looking for a partner

Image consultants offer the kind of advice and support that can help individuals get promoted, land a new career, and become more self-confident and assured in all areas of their lives. Image consultants are in great demand these days as clients are rarely disappointed.

Your image matters 

And it involves far more than just personal appearance! Next time you attend a workshop, network meeting, start a business, apply for a job, do a presentation, record your voicemail message, or even send an email, consider what type of impression you are making. I can help you make a positive and unforgettable first impression. Choose from a variety of services designed to enhance your image in business and in life. Or please feel free to contact me to see how I can help with your specific image needs.

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