When Your Body and Mind Collide

We all live and work in incredibly stressful times and all of the stress we are under will eventually manifest itself in a physical, emotional or psychological manner. It’s a given! You can pause to take rest breaks, a vacation or mental health days but depending on the pressures you are under, you will eventually succumb to some type of ailment simply because your body and brain  cannot live in a perpetual state of overload.

I don’t know of any person who would not be mortified if they were in the middle of a business presentation and had a flatulence attack. Or, you are just about to give a keynote and you have a panic attack, you are standing at the podium paralyzed and sweating. Perhaps you are meeting with a new client and your right eye starts to twitch out of control. Your client is staring at you with concern and you are willing every fibre of your being to stop the twitching to no avail. Maybe you are at an out of town business conference and you wake up in your hotel room covered in hives, 2 hours before a major presentation.

You are definitely not alone in your worries about wanting to appear in control and wanting to come across as healthy, confident and capable even when your body seems to be failing you. If it helps you to know, I have experienced all of the signs and symptoms I just described and yes, I have been mortified by a few of them. But, the good news is I am still here and I have learned how to better read the signs that my body is telling me. It has taken many years to get to this place. 

The very first thing you need to do is stop being in denial about any nagging or persisting mental or physical health issues. Your business or company is not going to collapse in a day if you make an appointment with your GP, Naturopath, Ophthalmologist, Psychologist or anyone else on your team, spouses and partners included. Talking about how you are feeling is the first step to recognizing you may have a problem that needs prompt medical or other professional intervention.

We are great at putting everyone and everything ahead of our own needs and often at great peril to our health. Stress is accumulative and you can be sure that your body is giving you a serious warning. Most of us recognize stress when we feel it: that overwhelmed state of mind that can make it hard to think, perform, and even breathe. Untreated, you can end up being depressed, chronically anxious, fatigued, overwhelmed and worse, seriously ill. Whatever positive and professional impression you are striving to make as a leader, an entrepreneur or just as a human being can come crumbling down around you. It can literally happen overnight and it can take days or months to remedy. 

I am happy to be your conscience even if I have to shock you into heeding the warning signs that your body and your mind are telling you. I coach entrepreneurs and business leader how to make a great first impression and the importance of having a polished and professional image. I help my clients to learn how they can use all of their strengths and talents to be their best. You can only run and hide from yourself for so long before you start to self-destruct.

If you won’t do this for yourself, do it for me. Ask yourself how you are really feeling and if there is anything (even the slightest thing) that you should be speaking with someone about. You might not think so today, but you will be very glad you did. High-performance engines don't keep running without a checkup and neither can you.

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