Why Business Etiquette Is In Such Great Demand

Why Business Etiquette Is In Such Great Demand

Business Etiquette is in demand now more than ever!  Given today’s greater job mobility, the growing popularity of the “team” dynamic in business and the increased need to take different cultural sensitivities into account in the global marketplace, a knowledge of good business etiquette is essential to one’s success.

You might wonder, what exactly is good business etiquette?  For starters, it is not a set of fixed ‘rules.’ In fact, what most people call business etiquette is really little more than common sense driven by being considerate, respectful, and honest behaviour with others in your business life.  Having an etiquette advantage in business will propel your career in many ways.  Business etiquette will help you

  • Negotiate the challenges associated with a job search
  • Dress appropriately for all situation, no matter what your profession is
  • Interact more confidently and effectively with business associates
  • Steer away from situations that might be ethically awkward
  • Handle business conflicts with ease and grace
  • Gain the respect of your boss, subordinates, coworkers and customers
  • Run a disciplined, productive business meeting
  • Communicate effectively in both speech and writing including e-mail
  • Conduct yourself with poise when dining out or attending a business party
  • Respect and enjoy cultural differences when doing business overseas
  • Increase your chance of success if you are striking out on your own.

The most important part of the business etiquette equation is you. Whether you are a Fortune 500 executive or a sneaker-wearing techie, knowing the protocols and intracacies of business etiquette will set you apart and set you up for total success. 

“Whenever two people come together and their behaviour affects one another, you have etiquette.  Etiquette is not some rigid code of manners it’s simply how persons’ live touch one another.”  Emily Post

Don’t let a lack of Business Etiquette knowledge slow you down in your career and achieving your greatest success.  Take advantage of my 15 Minute Free Coaching Call so I can help you on your way.





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