Why Settle For Being Average When You Can Be The Best

I know you have problems and issues, I do too, in fact we all  do.   I  also know  that you have special talents and great potential, I do too and we all do.   If your problems and issues however, feel larger than your talents and potential then it is time to reverse that order.

As an experienced image coach at Jennifer Grant International, my area of expertise is helping clients who are ‘stuck’ or ‘struggling’ in their professional  or personal lives but can’t figure out why. It might be that they are not getting the jobs or promotions they want, or their opinions and suggestions are  disregarded, and they may be feeling insecure in business and social settings. They are starting to doubt that they  can do anything well and their self confidence and self esteem is plummeting. 

If this sounds like you, we can help.  If you think this is not you, I challenge you to take another look inside and ask yourself if you are the very best version  of yourself that you can be. I suspect the answer might be no.

What Others Will Tell You

I know for a fact that your boss, your colleagues, your partner or spouse, your family and friends won’t tell you the ‘whole' truth even if you are brave enough to ask them these questions: What do you think my strengths are? What areas of my appearance do you think I can improve on? Do you value my opinions and ideas? It will be easy for those closest to you to tell you what your strengths are but  the other questions will be harder for them to answer,and they might even fib in their responses. This is not bad, it is just human nature to not want to hurt the feelings of someone you care about.

What I Will Tell You

Unlike the long list of people  I mentioned, if you ask me these same questions, I will tell you the truth, the ‘whole’ truth. I will be tactful, kind and respectful, but I will be very honest and direct with you. With your consent  I will observe, study, question and assess you, and I will tell you exactly what your blind spots and obstacles are. I will create an action plan that will clearly outline the changes you need to make (small or large) that will help you to overcome anything that stands between you and the attention and success you desire and deserve. I will help you perfect your personal and professional image for all occasions.

Facing the Truth

I recently met with a client who had applied for a new position and I was prepping him for his interview. My client had applied several times for various positions but was not being selected, not even for an interview.  My client was getting very discouraged and couldn’t figure out why he was not getting a position  that he had all the qualifications and experience for. His confidence and self esteem was being adversely affected despite his best efforts to remain optimistic. 

I asked my client whether he had asked any of his bosses or co-workers for feedback on his current job performance. My client was happy to report that he had indeed done just that. He told me his co-workers said he was a great to work with, that he was very smart and that they really liked him. I was quiet for a moment then looked my client directly in the eye and asked:   “Did any of your co-workers happen to tell you they thought you were arrogant, self centered and borderline rude?" My client looked shocked and surprised and said no.

I informed my client that I had done my own research and that several of his co-workers said he was very smart but that he was overbearing, abrupt in his communication and that he had an attitude of superiority which made them  feel uncomfortable. I gave my client a few minutes to digest this information understanding that this was not an easy message to hear. We talked at length about why others would perceive him this way and we discussed some tips and strategies on how he could be more self aware of his blind spots. 

We rehearsed in depth and did an extensive role play. That very same day, my client had his interview and he was offered the position. My client was thrilled and so was I. I am not the reason my client got the job, he was the reason. What I did was help my client to present himself with confidence but also with an air of humility.  I reminded him to smile when appropriate and to be sincere in his responses.  The last thing I told him to think about was that he was the best candidate for this job and that it was up to him to portray a winning image.   And he did!   

Don’t Settle for Average

Every day I interact with people on a personal and professional level, some people whom I know and many people that I have never met. It is second nature for me to make a split-second judgement about what these people could do different or better to make their mark  It could be how they are dressed, what they are saying or how they say it, or what their posture and demeanor reflects. I make these judgements because I am interested, but more so because I am trained and skilled to see and hear what others may miss or don’t have the courage to say. I also study people’s social media profiles and I make critical observations on how they could do a better job of their online profiles, their posts, tweets, articles and photos. 

In conclusion, I help clients who have professional, personal or digital  blind spots and gaps.  I help clients to see the difference between their current image and their ideal image.  I have always believed that no one should ever settle for just being average or mediocre.  Being the best does not always translate to immediate success but working hard to be your best will definitely improve your chances of being noticed, heard, respected, and remembered. 

Jennifer Grant International is ready to help you find your BEST.

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