Why You Need a Unique Selling Proposition

I post on social media several times a day with a goal to create interest and curiosity for any followers who take 3-5 seconds to read my posts as they whiz through their news feeds. I offer quick and helpful suggestions on several topics related to my business such as Tips for Entrepreneurs, Personal Branding strategies, How to Polish your Professional Image, Making a Killer First Impression, the latest in Business and Social Etiquette and expert tips on career and life transitions

What I am really doing is telling potential customers what my unique selling proposition is, what it is that defines me and my company's unique position in the marketplace and getting to the heart of my business. I want potential clients to know the value that I offer and the problems that I solve. I continually work on making my Unique Selling Proposition a strong one that clearly articulates a specific benefit – of working with me over other competitors that don’t offer what I do. I write my posts to with an effort to stand out and differentiate myself as an expert in my field. 

It has taken me a couple of years to really understand how important it is to have a Unique Selling Proposition —even if it does not appeal to everyone. I've learned that I need to focus on a competitive advantage that allows me to avoid the trap of trying to be all things to all people. It also enables me to actively focus my energy on creating valued services that cater to my ideal group of customers.

A Unique Selling Proposition is what makes your business or product special and unique. You want your USP to show that you are in fact the best at what you do or you’re doing something completely new and disruptive in your industry. To begin figuring out your USP, ask yourself, “What advantage do I have over my competition?” 

  • Do you provide better/faster/friendlier customer service?
  • Do you have access to better technology?
  • Do your customers benefit from your location?
  • Do your values set you apart?
  • Do you solve a problem that your competitors ignore?
  • Do you understand your customers better because you share their culture/community and values?
  • Do you stand behind your product/service in a way your competitors fail to?
  • Do you serve a niche audience that no one else is serving?
  • Do you provide a unique perspective or expertise in your industry?

It’s likely that many of your prospective customers have difficulty deciding which option in your industry is the one that deserves their time, money and trust. This selection can be a daunting process for customers that don’t have the experience to know what separates one competitor from another.

That’s why it is your job to assist them by making your unique selling proposition obvious, different and memorable enough that they can see exactly what your business has to offer that the other businesses do not.

Finding your ideal customer often takes quite a bit of legwork. When you’ve finally identified the perfect person to sell to, it makes sense to appeal to them through every aspect of your business.

After many attempts over many months to define my Unique Selling Proposition, I finally understand the elements of what makes me and my business different from my competitors. I have learned how to infuse my personality, and incorporate my values and brand into my service offerings. I realized that promoting my USP is not really boasting, it is promoting what makes me different and authentic.

In today's ultra-competitive environment, one thing is sure: unless you stand out with an awesome offer or a strong brand personality, you will blend in. To stand out, you need to give your customers a reason to buy from you instead of a competitor. If you are unsure of what your Unique Selling Proposition is, contact Jennifer Grant International for a courtesy consultation. We can definitely help you on your way.

A big thank you to Alexa Steele at  https://thewebsitewordsmith.com/what-makes-you-so-special-identifying-your-unique-selling-proposition.html who provided much of the content I have shared in this blog.

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