Why You Should Launch Your Personal Brand

The term personal branding was born in 1997 and while it initially had a slow uptake, the concept has become very mainstream by gaining in popularity and substance. From my experience as a new business owner, personal branding has given me a clearer focus on my personal development while establishing myself as a thought leader. 

Personal Branding is based on a person's authenticity and a genuine desire to add value to those around them.  Personal branding is not an all 'about me' way of life. If done with intention and effort, it can be a major advantage in an increasingly competitive world. Personal branding is not a competition to see how visible you can become – for the sake of being noticed. It is not measured by the number of tweets you can post per day and it is not a function of endless online chatter or a self inflated ego. Your personal brand is the keystone to communicating your value in every personal and professional situation.  

Here are 8 of my favourite quotes on the characteristics and virtues of Personal Branding.

The Wherewithal to Evolve As much as continuity is important when building and maintaining a brand, stagnancy or failure to meet the changing needs of the customer can mean death for a company. Branding attributes should evolve over time as more data and customer feedback are taken into account. Fight for the consistency of your brand, but know when to allow for wiggle room. - Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer, AirPR

Empathy Brand building is about how the world sees your brand, not how you see the brand. It’s difficult to remove the context you already have and truly step back and evaluate a brand objectively as if you’re seeing it for the first time, each time. The best brand builders can “reset” themselves frequently- Roger Lee, Captain401

Passion In my experience, those who are ready and willing to build a brand show an unrelenting passion for what they do. They’re the type of people who are willing to travel non-stop to make their brand come to life. They sacrifice family and personal time to get their brand where it needs to be. This usually means that their brand has more potential for success. - John Hall, Influence & Co.

Creativity Creativity is what helps a brand stand out — even in a market where other brands offer the same product or service. It’s this quality that makes a brand builder successful because they can put a spin on something or add a memorable touch to what they are developing. - Andrew O’Connor, American Addiction Centers

Consistency Consistency matters. You don’t get to be a successful brand without a constant drumbeat that says who you are, why you matter, and what you’ll do next. - Tim Chaves, ZipBooks

Tenacity Every successful brand builder is tenacious. Often, it’s not the most qualified, smartest or even the most well-funded person who wins, but the person with the most perseverance. If you are tenacious and believe enough in your vision to keep going when you hit a challenge or rejection, you can find success. - Beth Doane, Main & Rose

Vision An effective brand builder envisions their plan three to five years down the road — beyond what they see today. They understand that a brand takes time to build and present to the community. By having a vision in mind, the brand builder demonstrates curiosity, which can only help their plan turn into success. - Daisy Jing, Banish

Courage Behind every successful brand is an entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to take risks. A successful brand builder is aware of their competition and understands the need to stand out, be unconventional and create a unique voice. Being a risk-taker is taking action on what you believe will lead you to success. - Patrick Barnhill, Specialist ID, Inc.

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