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I was recently recognized as being an expert in my field of image consulting and personal branding https://jennifergrantinternati... and being quoted by a major Russian news agency RIA Novosti. I have been quoted by Canadian news media but this was a whole new experience of which I feel extremely proud of. 

Here is the exchange:  

Dear Mrs.Grant, 

 My name is Mikhail Turgiev, I am a correspondent with the major Russian news agency RIA Novosti. I am reaching out to you in order to ask your professional opinion on a style matter. In particular I would like to ask you to take a look at the Belorussian presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya  before and after the election and share your view on her style evolution as a politician. Ms Tikhanovskaya was running against President  Aleksandr Lukashenko

I believe you can google her images or videos (I think it would be better if you find some yourselves). My questions are: - Is there any kind of a model she is following? Does she remind you of any famous figures? - What can you single out as her peculiarity? - What are the strong features of her style/manner? - What could she improve in her style/manner? This comment will be published in the Russian language on our newswire. Thank you in advance and take care!

My Response

Hello Mikhail,

Here is my professional assessment on Ms.Tikhanovskaya's image and style. 

Prior to the election, my impression of Svetlana’s style and manner was one of simplicity, humility, and deep personal convictions about her country and her people.  She presents as a very genuine and authentic person with all of the same worries, concerns and future hopes that the people of Belarus currently have. She comes across as very understated yet in an extremely captivating type of way.  She seems kind and compassionate and she projects an aura of inner calm and empowerment. She is intelligent, articulate and she has an understated charisma about her. Svetlana is of the people and for the people.  She seems to have an inherent ability to unite people even if they hold different political viewpoints. She embodies the message and the change that the people of Belarus are so desperately and vehemently seeking. 

I did not observe any discernable change in Svetlana’s appearance pre and post-election.

It does not appear that Svetlana is following any prescribed type of model or style with her appearance and wardrobe.  She comes across as very natural and not ostentatious like many other politicians do. I think that Svetlana could benefit by evolving her image into a signature style that is her very own. She has a great presence about her and I could see her in an urban/classic type of look.  Sleek dresses to the knee, in solid colours with quality accessories and minimal jewellery. Her hair looks best off her face. There are many photos of her in her cream coloured pantsuit which she looks good in but I would see her wearing a narrower high waist pant leg and 1 size smaller for her jacket.  She is a beautiful woman and given her high profile, she would benefit from working with a style consultant. I am available. 

Svetlana is on the world stage now and she is a symbol of reform, freedom, justice and hope for the Belarusians. Svetlana doesn’t remind me of any particular celebrity or famous figure which makes me think she can be a woman that others will want to emulate and aspire to. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya is that famous world figure now. 

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to share my professional opinion on Svetlana Tikhanovskaya's image and style.

I will be keenly watching the developments in Belarus as they unfold.

The article was published in Russian and it has become a record in my collection of achievements for my business

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