You Need Your Game Face Every Day, Here's How to Get it

We all have days where the last thing we want to do is go to work and carry out our daily responsibilities. Maybe we are feeling under the weather or had a bad night’s sleep or maybe we are fretting about a meeting that we haven't taken time to prepare for. Whatever the reason, we are just off our game.

You only have 2 choices, you can stay in your funk or you can work your way out of it. If you choose the later, you will be surprised how much better you will feel for your effort.  Sometimes you just need to trick yourself to snap out of your negative thoughts  and turn them into a positive outlook. You get to choose which behaviour you want to portray. In other words, you need to put on your Game Face, pretty much every day. Being grumpy and glum doesn't gain a whole lot of sympathy in the business world or anywhere for that matter.  

Here are 10  tips on how to develop your resilience to up your image and your business game:

  1. Be true to yourself and your purpose. Focus on your path to  success, and what that means to you, not anyone else. 
  2. Understand that your success has more meaning than winning and losing. Success isn’t final and failing isn’t fatal. Both can be used to your advantage.
  3. Focus on long-term goals. Don’t focus on what’s expedient, the quick fix or what’s short term. Direct your energies to your ultimate goal.
  4. Reframe Challenges.  Disasters are challenges. Obstacles are opportunities. Look for the detours around roadblocks.
  5. Learn from your failures. Regardless of whether you’re new to the game or you’ve been at it for years, remember to learn from your mistakes and perfect your game.  There’s always more to learn.  You can always be better.
  6. Find positive takeaways from defeats. Remember what you learned when someone outmaneuvered. It will serve you well next time.
  7. Don't settle for mediocrity. None of us are as smart as we think we are. If you find you’re always winning the game, perhaps the challenges aren’t big enough, or you need to find additional ways to exceed your expectations of what’s possible.
  8. Always lead with confidence. Perception is everything, both for yourself and for those around you. If you display confidence, you will feel more confident. If others perceive you to be confident, you will appear more trustworthy to employees and customers. 
  9. Face your fears. Understand that while you may exude confidence on the exterior, you may have big doubts on the inside.  The trick is, to continue.  Persevere.  Push through it.  I guarantee that once you do, your self doubts will diminish.
  10. Practice your game – all the time. Be sharp. You can’t afford to rest on past successes. Play out your best and worst-case scenarios and try to find creative solutions that are new and innovative.

Whether you're stepping on stage, making a pitch to a new client or rallying your team, you need to be wearing your game face. You might be surprised to discover the degree to which your non-verbals impact your ability to relate to others, build relationships, and lead effectively. If you need help to enhance your professional image, build your  personal brand or simply to find your best game face, we  can help you.  Contact us at

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