Business Etiquette Skills Can Lead To Better Relationships, Increased Success And Profitability.

There is enormous benefit to leaders and organizations who are well versed in Business Etiquette. In the workplace, especially, business etiquette includes working professionally, maintaining proper manners and engaging with co-workers in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.

Etiquette is a set of unwritten rules that apply to professional and social situations, workplaces and relationships. In the business world, good business etiquette means that you act professionally and exercise proper manners when engaging with others in your profession. Good business etiquette is a valuable skill-set that will give you the competitive edge, and enhance your success in all of your personal and professional pursuits.

Effects of Good Etiquette

Good business etiquette is the recipe for advancing your career. In the business world, people with good etiquette are rewarded for their professional and polite skills. Those who exemplify good business etiquette are proving that they respect their position, job, coworkers and take their performance seriously. As such, these individuals win promotions and get ahead in their careers. 

Online Communications

Netiquette is online etiquette that takes place over virtual mediums, such as email. Virtual communication is popular in the business world, so it is critical that leaders and  professional people have the right netiquette to maintain professionalism. You should compose emails the way you would write a letter. Use complete sentences and proper grammar, and check your email for correct punctuation usage and other technical errors. Avoid using jargon, abbreviations and emoticons. Do not type emails in all capital letters, as this is construed as yelling.

First Impressions

Making a great first impression is crucial to your initial and future success. The way you dress, for instance, impacts the way you are perceived by others. Other peoples’ impressions of you should be positive so that they continue doing business with you. To accomplish this, start with your attire and your personal grooming. Looking sloppy, messy and unkempt will put off your coworkers and turn away potential clients. Your manners, conduct and behaviour are all being observed and judged so don't take any chances that you are not being seen in the best possible light.

Other Considerations

Business etiquette extends beyond the office. When you are required to attend a business luncheon or dinner, it is important that you adhere to tableside etiquette standards as well as business etiquette. People with good dining manners can win over their colleagues and counterparts, whereas people with poor conduct may miss out on business deals.  Etiquette on the world stage is a special skill that requires advance knowledge of other's customs and cultures.

Value for investing in Business Etiquette Coaching

Leaders and organizations who invest in business etiquette coaching will automatically increase their success quotient.  Being savvy in business etiquette ensures that you help  your people and company to stay ahead of your competition, vastly improve your customer service, enjoy better morale, and ultimately increase your profits.  It's that simple.  

Jennifer Grant International offers Business Etiquette presentations, seminars, workshops, and  one on one coaching for all organizational levels.  You will be making an invaluable investment by ensuring you and your team are portraying the best possible business and social etiquette in all situations.  We would be pleased  to provide a courtesy consultation to determine how we can help you and your organization practice and demonstrate exceptional business etiquette.