Business Etiquette Skills Can Lead To Better Relationships, Increased Success And Profitability.

There is enormous benefit to leaders and organizations who are well versed in business and social etiquette. In the workplace, especially, business etiquette includes working professionally, maintaining proper manners and engaging with co-workers in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.

Successful business relationships rely more than ever on personal contact. You, your employees, and your colleagues present your company business image and brand wherever you go, during business hours and afterward. Our Business Etiquette training courses will empower you with the knowledge and skills required to handle professional situations at ease, be your best, and bring out the best in your colleagues, clients, and associates. 


  • Handshaking — The Ultimate Greeting  
  • Eye Contact, Eye Signals
  • Business Introductions- Introduce Yourself and Others
  • How to Make an Entrance and Work the Room
  • Improve Your Mingling Proficiency — Networking
  • The Art of Small Talk — Conversational Etiquette                    
  • Dining & Table Etiquette 
  • Forms of Address
  • Recognize the Importance of Rank and Status
  • Remembering Names    
  • Electronic Communication — Email & Phone Etiquette 
  • Social Media Etiquette 
  • Boardroom & Meetings Protocol
  • The Art of Listening
  • Non-Verbal Communication — Understanding Body Language 
  • Positive and Negative Body Language 
  • Dealing with Difficult People 
  • Negotiation Skills 
  • Persuasive Sales Techniques 
  • The Art of Customer Service
  • Handling Difficult Situations with Ease 
  • Planning Corporate Events  
  • Travelling Smart
  • Multicultural Awareness 

We would be pleased to provide a courtesy consultation to discuss how we can assist you, your team and organization to practice and demonstrate exceptional business etiquette.