Corporate Image

Corporate image, or reputation, describes the manner in which a company, its activities, and its products or services are perceived by outsiders. In a competitive business climate, many businesses actively work to create and communicate a positive image to their customers, shareholders, the financial community, and the general public. A company that mismanages or ignores its image is likely to encounter a variety of problems.

The right image  creates a bond of trust between you and the marketplace, enables you to achieve your goals, and boost your earnings. The wrong image can block achievement of your goals and deplete your bank account.

Some of the warning signs that a business might have an image problem include high employee turnover, the disappearance of major customers, a drop in stock value, and poor relationships with vendors or government officials. If an image problem is left unaddressed, a company might find many of its costs of doing business rising dramatically, including the costs of product development, sales support, employee wages, and shareholder dividends. In addition, since the majority of consumers base their purchase decisions at least partly on trust, current and future sales levels are likely to suffer as well.

Great leaders exhibit the type of behaviour and conduct that will earn their employees and clients respect, admiration and trust. The best leaders are strong coaches who can truly motivate and support their people to achieve exceptional service, organizational success and profitability.   

Perception is Reality. 

For more than 25 years, Kelowna, BC, Canada based Jennifer Leach-Trask has helped individuals, entrepreneurs, small, medium and large businesses, leading corporations and executives to improve their professional image and brand.

Jennifer Grant is an expert in observing and assessing leaders, organizational structures, employee performance and team morale. Jennifer is extremely effective in  helping organizations overcome barriers  and other problems or obstacles that may be preventing them for reaching their full potential. Jennifer helps leaders and frontline teams to address blind spots and gaps in how they perceive themselves and how the rest of the world perceives them. Jennifer promotes diversity and bolsters cross-cultural and cross-generational communications resulting in overall image enhancement and alignment to maximize competitive advantage, profitability and success.

Jennifer Grant's corporate consults are unique and distinct. Each consult includes a comprehensive and customized analysis to compare actual performance against  desired performance. Corporate engagements typically involve one on one coaching or group training sessions across the organization. Training,  team workshops, and operational solutions are tailored specifically to individual professions or industries. 

Jennifer Grant has worked across many sectors including the airline, hotel and tourism industries, financial services, retail, trades, municipal government, real estate and health care. Jennifer leaves no stone unturned to drill down and uncover barriers and obstacles to strengthen leaders and front line teams.