Pagdin Health

Pagdin Health

Pagdin Health is a leading medical clinic in Western Canada specializing in preventative and anti-aging medicine Services, stem cell research, patient counselling and treatments.   Dr. Grant Pagdin MD, CCFP, FCFP, ABAARM and his team are the heartbeat of the Pagdin Health clinic in Kelowna, British Columbia. Pagdin Health has a large and loyal patient community who prescribe to the Pagdin Health motto of   “Living Longer Better.”

When Pagdin Health opened its clinic in 2014, Dr. Pagdin  realized that his years of extensive medical training had not taught him all of the necessary skills to be a new business owner, a clinic administrator and a people manager. 

Dr. Pagdin consulted with Jennifer Leach-Trask  from Jennifer  Grant International in late 2016 to discuss the significant growth in patient numbers, - clinic policies and procedures, staffing requirements , corporate branding, HR issues, business objectives and business plan for Pagdin Health.  Jennifer recommended a GAP analysis audit be conducted. 


Clinic Appearance, Office Policies and Procedures, Emergency Protocols, Corporate Branding and Objectives, Vision-Mission-Values, Client Relations, Interoffice communications,employee relations, Team Building and  Professional Development Resources,  Employee Performance Metrics, Social Media, Pagdin Health Website


The findings revealed several issues and areas that were not up to the  standard that Dr. Pagdin was aspiring to for his personnel, his patients and  clinic operation. 


Between January 2017 to present date, the following improvements were initiated. Regular Employee Coaching, Structured staff meetings, Improved Employee Morale, Introduction of a Pagdin Health employee uniform, Improved Customer and supplier relations, New Employee Manual, Health and Safety Guidelines Manual, A Vision- Mission-Values statement, Annual Performance Evaluation Template, Health and Safety signage and policies, Social Media improvements (New website with focused marketing strategy) and a revised Long Term Business Plan for the future viability, profitability and success at Pagdin Health.

If you are interested in "Living Longer Better"  enhancing your image and advancing your success we encourage you to contact us  and https://jennifergrantinternati...for a courtesy consult.