Jennifer Grant Is A Powerful And Dynamic Speaker And Presenter

Jennifer has great appeal for audiences  and she resonates strongly with anyone who understands how important it is to work towards being the best version of themselves.  Jennifer is particularly passionate about helping to empower women, executives, business leaders and entrepreneurs.  Jennifer has a wide repertoire of talks that will ignite and challenge you to find your best self.  

Jennifer's speaking style is compelling, thought provoking, humourous, candid and BOLD. You will not leave a Jennifer Grant talk without a desire to work harder in your pursuits to be the best version of yourself.

jennifer grant

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Our YMCA Okanagan team were fortunate to have Jennifer Grant deliver a keynote at our annual Fitness Retreat. Jennifer’s talk on a Motivation Mindset to Achieve was powerful and compelling and our team was highly engaged. Jennifer is a very professional and modern speaker who has the unique ability to make a personal connection and lasting impression with her audience. We would highly recommend any organization to bring Jennifer Grant in to motivate your team.

Nathan Baker, Fitness Manager

Nathan Baker, Fitness Manager YMCA Okanagan

Jennifer is an excellent public speaker, she is well informed about the topic and knows her audience.

Murray White, Construction Professional and Business Owner

Murray White, Construction Professional and Business Owner White-Fox Construction

I have always found Jennifer to be highly organized and professional with regards to her leadership as president of our business group. Jennifer's public speaking skills are exemplary and, in fact, are a great example for everyone else in our group.

Sean Misfeldt, CPA, CMA

Sean Misfeldt, CPA, CMA Misfeldt Accounting

Emphasizing a key message that I too believe is so important "image is everything".

Kevin Burns

Thank you for being such an engaging speaker!

Sonja Nordman

Thank you for being a strong, professional and successful business woman. You have inspired me!

Courtney Wells

Thank you for sharing your story and how your past has shaped your future. I valued hearing about your career and how it helped to influence your image, it definitely helped me to imagine how I can shape my image to be successful in the future.

Lexi Scott

Thank you for your great speech! It was very inspirational. You proved that everyone should follow their dream.

Anna Bolshakova